LED covers

Modern and unique LED covers for alternating voltage 230V are a revolutionary solution in the development of road illumination. These covers can easily replace standard lamp covers used in road engineering and industrial areas.

They are the result of the application of modern technology. They were developed specially for the lighting of roads. The greatest advantage that LED covers have over the ordinary covers is their energy-efficiency and low costs of usage. Thanks to their small power consumption, you will be able to cut costs of lighting. LED covers are a perfect solution for the lighting of:

  • Roads and streets
  • Car-parks, squares, parks, walkways, bicycle paths
  • Industrial zones and urban areas

Special features:

  • Energy-saving lower power consumption than HID lamps at comparable
    visual impression
  • Support of the LED luminaire by power grid due to compatibility with the
    LonWorks system
  • Possibility of choosing different light characteristics and CCT, allowing
    extensive use of the LED luminaire
  • An embedded intelligent driver allowing a configuration which serves the
    needs of a particular installation
  • A built-in thermal protection from overheating the source of light
  • The LED luminaire is designed in order to minimise waste of light aside from
    the street
  • The source of light safe for the environment
  • High mechanical and vibration resistance of LEDs
  • Low costs of service and maintenance

Application of LED diodes appoints brand new directions in the field of lighting. Already today think of how much you can save by choosing LED covers for the lighting of your surroundings.

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