HLSU 1003

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Single-arm street lamp in RAL 7021 colour. Covered with anticorrosive coat. Situated on foundation footing F150. CLV-2-PRO cover. R106 aluminium arm. Airbreeze or Air X or Greatwatt windmill with three airscrews.

Height of the pole 8M
Material galvanized steel
Dimensions upper diameter of 90 mm and 127mm / lower diameter of 160 mm
Thickness of the the pole 4 mm
Dimensions of pole's footing 300*300mm
Working time of the lamp up to 10-14h/day
Model of the cover CLV-2-PRO LED
Material of cover cover made of aluminium and hardened glass
 Dimensions of the cover  870 X 300 X 120mm
 Source of the light  50W LED
 Colour of the light  purely white
Degree of the protection  IP65
 Autonomy  up to 3-4 days
Dimensions of the panel 1316x992x48 mm
 Power of panels 2 pcs of 185W each
 Charge controller  protects against overloading and discharge
 Battery  2 pcs of 150Ah/12V
 Type of the battery  Gel
 Way of turning on  crepuscular switch
Power of the windmill 400W
Level of the electricity generating even light wind with a speed 3 m/sec generates electricity

Additional information

  • Availability: Product available againts the order.
  • Price from: Call and ask for the details and price
  • simple programming of lamp's settings
  • independence from traditional energy sources
  • energy savings
  • CO2 reduction
  • lack of to the electricity grid connections
  • subsidies for the purchase of lamp
  • better lighting as a result of using LED

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