LED solar lamps can be situated in any place to which leading the electric energy is unprofitable. They are an outstanding solution for the reduction of costs related with the energy consumption.

They can be used among others for the lighting of:

  • bus stops
  • promenades
  • crossroads
  • zebra crossings
  • parks, playgrounds, car parks
  • commercial and industrial objects
  • many other places requiring additional lighting

Installation of solar lamps is fast and simple. It doesn't require consultation with local energy plant. Each lamp is autonomous, ready to work immediately after the installation. The autonomy of the lamp is up to 4-5 days and the lamp can work up to 14 hours per day depending on chosen model. No bills for electricity. No wiring run from the grid. Better color rendition and nighttime visibility.

Types of lamps in our offer:

  • street lamps
  • street hybrid lamps
  • park and garden lamps

Some of the parameters of lamps can be changed according to the requirements of the customer. Types of possible changes:

  • colour of the pole
  • capacity of batteries
  • colour of light
  • power of solar panels
  • power of the lighting

We send the price list on request.

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