Thanks to applying energy-efficient solutions, solar lamps allow to save on costs of energy. Moreover thanks to their properties, operation costs can also be reduced.


Solar and wind energy is widely available and it is an inexhaustible source which can be included to the clean sources, environmentally friendly.

The Status and Future of the Photovoltaic Market



The global PV market is currently dominated by Germany, USA and Japan. Already, new markets with promising potential are emerging. Italy, Spain, Greece and France are some of the countries which will fuel the growth of the PV sector. Over the last decade the PV sector has become an important industry in many countries. Increasing employment and industrial growth are key indicators when looking at the PV industry.

With adequate support mechanisms (feed in tariffs) a global annual market of 5.6 GW could be reached by 2010. PV system prices will decrease by at least 5 % annually over the next two decades. This will further foster the attractiveness of solar power and support market growth. Cost decreases will also ensure that PV becomes competitive with peak and consumer electricity prices in the next decade. In the long run Photovoltaics will become a major energy source

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