Thanks to applying energy-efficient solutions, solar lamps allow to save on costs of energy. Moreover thanks to their properties, operation costs can also be reduced.


Solar and wind energy is widely available and it is an inexhaustible source which can be included to the clean sources, environmentally friendly.

Off-Grid PV is competitive



The fact is: Photovoltaic (PV) systems are often the most suitable solution for stand-alone applications. Moreover, solar energy can increasingly provide viable solutions for industrial energy service applications where power is required at remote locations. For larger electrical loads, PV can be combined with other renewable energy technologies or a small diesel generator to form a PV hybrid system. Moreover, PV as part of hybrid systems provides suitable solutions for various applications in remote areas. PV hybrid systems can supply power for individual consumers such as houses or workshops up to MW-range mini-grids in which PV can be combined with wind, micro-hydro and other sources. PV can thereby contribute to income generation activities such as farms, water pumps, shops, small businesses and industries as well as education facilities.

Therefore the correct statement is:

"Solar energy is the power supply of choice for numerous commercial applications and for larger electrical loads it can be cost effective to configure a hybrid system including PV"

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