Thanks to applying energy-efficient solutions, solar lamps allow to save on costs of energy. Moreover thanks to their properties, operation costs can also be reduced.


Solar and wind energy is widely available and it is an inexhaustible source which can be included to the clean sources, environmentally friendly.


Large funds 2007-2013

In the for 2007-13, a large share of EU's budget is allocated for structural funds. If a substantial part of these funds are used for sustainable energy, it can give a welcome boost to the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and reliance on fossil fuel imports. To make that happen, it is a key requirement that sustainable energy is included in the national programming documents.

Institutions interested in obtaining funding from EU funds will be able to apply for assistance under the national operational programmes, as well as under regional programmes. Both national and regional operational programmes include priorities and measures directly connected with the wide conception of environmental protection and respect of energy.

Moreover, regardless of EU funds there are also other aid programmes in support of these areas, such as EEA Financial Mechanism, the Norwegian Financial Mechanism (wildly known as the Norwegian funds).

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