Thanks to applying energy-efficient solutions, solar lamps allow to save on costs of energy. Moreover thanks to their properties, operation costs can also be reduced.


Solar and wind energy is widely available and it is an inexhaustible source which can be included to the clean sources, environmentally friendly.


Solar lamps are equipped with photoelements and modern LEDs what has a lot of advantages. Thanks to that they are a perfect solution for lighting of surroundings. During the production of electric energy no waste polluting the environment is coming into existence. Electric energy can be generated even on cloudy days by using dispersed radiation.

The process of transformation of sunlight into the electric energy takes place in photovoltaic links. Produced in modules energy is accumulated in modern, automatic gel batteries, which after the dusk ? give back " the energy needed for powering the lamp at night.

The entire system is economically managed by special control system which controlls the lighting and additionally protects the battery against total discharge or overloading.

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